How to Pick Colors Matching with Your Dosha?

As soon as the summer turns into fall, all my clothes changes their color into black. It is so easy to pick the matching pieces when they are all the same color, haha! Hands up, if you have come to the same conclusion! But the flip-side of my camouflage-friendly wardrobe is that black is NOT a good choice for my ayurvedic dosha type.

In fact is the opposite what is recommend for a vata person. So if you happen to be a serious black-lover, this video has something for you to reconsider when you’re next time shopping around!

 To summarize the content:

Vata person’s best choices are soft pastels, sunny yellow and warm red and orange.

Pitta should wear cooling colors like, blues, purple and green along with silver.

Kapha can use bright and stimulating colors, such as red, yellow, orange and gold.

Have a colofur day and leave a comment below if you have made the right – or not so wise – choices with colors!

xox Eeva


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