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Changes in age and external environment, alternating seasons, our endlessly shifting thoughts, feelings and emotions, quality and quantity of the food we eat continuously affect us.

According to Ayurveda you have a unique blueprint as called prakruti. In modern terms it means your inherited genetic code. It is your own pattern of energy, your combination of physical, mental and emotional characteristics.

As the internal and external conditions of your lives change, you need constantly adjust in order to maintain a radiant health. This of course asks to take responsibility of your daily living. A great news is that gemstones have the ability to balance your dosha as they contain potent forms of energy which may be drawn upon for healing purposes!

If don’t know which dosha type you are, or you want to check the current situation, go ahead and take the quiz below.

Dosha Quiz

After filling out the chart, you picked the number under vata, pitta and kapha. The biggest number indicates your main dosha. Most people will have one dosha predominant, a few will have two doshas about equal and only some will have all three doshas in equal proportion.

The quiz will enable you to determine your unique constitution according to Ayurveda, but remember that the formula above can provide only a rough guideline.

So please do not draw any absolute conclusions about yourself based on the self-assesment. Use the information on the chart rather to help you as a guide to deeper self-understanding and choosing the right gemstones for your mala beads!

Here is a list of the gemstones which you can use to balance your dosha:

Pearls symbolize moon. They have a cooling effect and a calming healing vibration. Pearls are good for all doshas, particularly for pitta.

Lapis lazuli gives strength to the body and mind. It calms vata and pitta and is helpful for anxiety, fear and weakness of the heart.

Quartz crystals calm vata, improve the quality of perception and strengthen communication and intuition.

Jade is beneficial for longevity. It strengthens kidney energy and is said to be good for the power of speech.

Amethyst is a stone for the crown chakra. It has energy of dignity, love, compassion and hope. It helps to control emotions and is good for vata and pitta imbalance.

Onyx  is an excellent stone for vata disorders. It induces deep sleep and is good for memory and promotes positive thinking. Onyx makes life peaceful and amplifies love in relationships.

Kapha person can use stones such as garnet and cat’s eye. Or if you are willing to invest, pacify your dosha with ruby or blue sapphire.

Ruby is a life-protecting stone and brings prosperity. Both ruby and garnet strengthen concentration and bestow mental energy. Blue sapphire is a beautiful precious stone and it helps to build up muscles and the skeletal system and heal arthritis. Do not wear blue sapphire with diamonds, since that will create disharmony.

Have a wonderful and radiant day!

photo credit: Sari Hanski
photo credit: Sari Hanski

xxx Eeva


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