A Job You Can Only Do With Your Heart

Being a mom is surely one of the most demanding job on Earth! And think about it, there is no pre-training for this magnificent and life changing position you are given all at once.

All you can do is just jump in and do your best, especially when you sometimes (often!) have no clue what to do. No manuscript available, only your own beliefs and vague ideas about how to raise children.

Double the fun by putting your parenting skills togerther with your partner’s vision of upbringing children. And you know that the whole thing is upgraded totally to the next level when your mom will share her brilliant ideas about raising kids!

I totally understand! But do not get discouraged, read my Top 3 Advice to new parents and you can kiss goodbye to the nagging voices around you:

1. DRB

This is the most important one if you want to decrease the confusion factor with the parenting stuff. Don’t Read Books. Parents today have dozens of voices proclaiming the “right way” to raise a child. At some point, though, those voices just become noise that drowns out a our most valuable resource: gut instinct.

2. Take time for yourself

Remember to put yourself on your priority list. Look, you must understand that not all the things are equally important. You may think that urgent things are the most important, but hear this: you will take care of the urgent things anyway, so your priority list must include the things that are important to you.

So, book an appointment for a good massage therapist or go to a yoga class. Your baby is going to be just fine during that two hours you are going to invest in your own wellbeing. And yes, that will benefit your family as well!

3. Don’t take anything personally

Let’s picture the scene: two sleep deprived parents, a house with gazillion things waiting to be done, a job, maybe even a dog and a baby. Juggling with dozens of balls at the same time can make you wonder if somebody has just opened a can of worms under your roof.

If it is your partner or your child, or even your boss that suddenly seem to have revealed a new nasty side of himself, don’t take their words personally. Try that 24 hours and see how good it feels to you! That will let other people off the hook and you can be surprised how much more relaxed you are.

Still it is an immense gift and blessing to have a baby. It is almost impossible to wrap your mind around that amount of love and wonder which is handed out to you.

Kahil Gibran has described the relationship between parents and children so beautifully in his poem On Children, so I let him to put it into words. On Children is one of my favorite poems and it is always hard to read the words without tears in my eyes.


I also got a wonderful opportunity to design this beautiful Rose Quartz Mala for a name giving ceremony of a baby girl. A lovely gift from the parents to their tiny one! It is something she can wear as a grown-up and carry as a reminder of that special day.

rose quartz custom mala

Now I would like to hear from you! Have you ever feel confused with your kids and what did you do to master the situation? Leave a comment and share your best parenting practices with others. I’m sure you have many of them!

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With love, Eeva

2 thoughts on “A Job You Can Only Do With Your Heart

  1. My friend and fellow yoga mother femmepreneur on motherhood…you are right Eeva, it really is the hardest job in the world that you go in without much preparation! Thanks for this Om ❤

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